Bethesda Children's Foundation is a UK-based charity that supports the work of Pastor G. Samuel and his team to look after around 120 vulnerable children and young people in Tamil Nadu, South India, as part of the work of Bethesda Mission Trust.

The main way UK supporters help their work is by sponsoring the needs of one or more of the children.

Sam and his wife Laisha started the work in 1993 when they welcomed fifteen needy and abandoned children into their home. Sam had spent much of his own childhood in children's homes and had a passion to look after children in a similar situation.

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Bethesda children

All the Bethesda children have come from difficult situations - whether homeless orphans or otherwise unable to receive the care and attention they need to grow up in a healthy environment.

After ten years living in the Bethesda home, a boy said:

"I am so grateful and thankful to God for giving me this beautiful Bethesda home. I couldn't imagine a life without Bethesda. We are cared by good matrons and loving people. We are given good food, clothing and shelter. We are dropped off and picked up by our own bus. Our school is 7 kilometers away from our home. Our home staff accompany us to school and they take care of us. We are nurtured with good morals and discipline. We are so comfortable and happy to stay in this beautiful home. We play, water the plants, do gardening, do painting and colouring and swimming."

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